Strategic Temporary Employment

Which market range do you supply?

Are your main products prescription drugs in the Rx-market, for physicians and the clinical sector? Or are your primary targets pharmacies where your products pass over the counter? Are you specialized in med-tech, biotech or diagnostics?
Today, also cosmetics play increased role for the customers.

In our strategic temporary employment, we provide you with functional structures and outstanding sales representatives! Our instinct has been sharpened through thousands of applications.

Your advantages with GPS:

  • Quick and efficient access to our huge candidate pool
  • Long-term experience and highest quality profiles
  • Simple recruitment and precisely calculable, variable costs
  • Optional take-over of employees
  • Strategic management

Optimize your resource sales. Let’s discuss the chances of predictive sales force modelling.


Your Contact Person

Dr. med. Arnd Grosch
Dr. med. Arnd Grosch
CEO & shareholder