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Unsolicited application as pharmaceutical sales representative - does this make sense?

Definately! We will find projects, individually suiting to your strenghts. Our customers are permanently looking for pharmaceutical sales representatives in various indications and regions.

Who are your customers?

Among our costumers there are national and internationcal concerns, medium-sized and specilised companies in the pharmaceutical and med tech branches. Also, cosmetic, biotech and startup companies are supported by GPS.

Please unterstand, that we can provide you the name of the company, that you are actually applying for, not until later in the process of your application.

What are my odds as career entrant?

Are you communicative, creative and empathic? Do you look for an exciting job in which you work with people? Do you want to start your future in the healthcare branch? Then a position as pharmaceutical sales representative is exactly the right thing for you. Young, dynamic and ambitious newcomers are highly welcomed at GPS. Give it a shot. In the section of Young Professionals you will find more information.

Which scientific requrements do i need as pharmaceuticals sales representative?

As pharmaceutical sales representative You need the qualification according to § 75 AMG (Arzneimittelgesetz, German Drug Law). You possess this as physician, with a completed study in pharmacy, chemistry, biology or a related nature science, a vocational training as pharmaceutical/chemical/biological lab technicians or related technical vocational trainings.

The qualification can also be obtained by a special training, provided by the IHK in Germany (Industrie- und Handelskammer). The trainings are offered in part-time and full-time.

I possess experience in pharmaceutical field sales and am looking for a new challenge. Where can i obtain more information on vacant positions?

In our job finder, you can find all our vacant positions. Also have a look at our Experts-Section.

As employee in the GPS field sales, can i work at my place of residence?

Yes, if you do not tell us differently, we assume that you would like to work near your place of residence. If you are willing to move to another city or region, please tell us directly in your application – so we can look for the respective possibilities in your new position.

In which indications will i be used?

The product portfolio of our costumers ranges from highly innovative substances and new therapeutic approaches up to over-the-counter (OTC) and med tech products. As we cooperate with companies in numberous, exciting indications, your possible indications are various.

Which equipment is provided by GPS?

At the start of your project, you will be equipped with all the required technical devices. Usually, you will recieve a company car, a cell phone and an IT device (laptop or tablet).

Can I use my company car for private purposes?

Yes, private usage of your company car is contained in the standard working conditions for our employees.

Is my working contract limited in time or unlimited?

Our working contracts are usually coupled to the duration of the respective project, that you will be utilized in. After you have proven to be a valuable employee for our customers, we will gladly use you in further projects. Also the take-over by our costumer is a possible option for employees with good performances after the project.

What is my salary composed of?

You are hired by GPS and recieve a fix salary in the form of 12 monthly payments per year. The amount of your fix salary will be established between you and GPS in a personal dialog. In addition, you will be provided with a company car, that you can also use for private purposes.

Add-on – Usually you can increase your salary by a certain variable amount, dependant on your selling performance.

Do i recieve an introductionary training?

We want you to be well-prepared for your new tasks! This is why you will recieve an intensive product training including the scientific background and the target groups. The duration of the training depends on the specific requirements of the project, that you will be utilized in. Trainings will be held directly in the facilities of our customers, so you are trained in the very best environments.

How long is my trial phase?

The first 6 months of your employment count as trial phase.

Is there an option of direct employment by the costumer company?

Yes. Successful employees are often taken over during or after the course of the project by our customers. Following this path, GPS has forged hundreds of careers in the pharmaceutical industry.

How can i further develop myself at GPS?

Our sales representatives find an ideal environment, to shape their career with respect to their personal strenghts and goals. At GPS, you recieve individual care-taking, experience different indications and products and develop your personality further. For tomorrows sales talents, we offer special trainings and coachings. Also exiciting positions with more responsibilites need to be occupied from time to time. In the field services, as well as for internal tasks. Speak with us.

Can I work as freelancer for GPS ?

We require free lancer from time to time in execptional projects and for special tasks. Contact us for more detailed information.

Is part-time possible?

Part-time positions are possible, but rare. Send us your desired working schedule attched to your application, so we can look for specific positions, suiting to you.

Online application and data safety - Is my personal data safe at GPS?

Online applications are standard in recently time. The safety and protection of your data is extremely important to us, that is why we will not pass on your personal information to third parties, without your explicit permission.

More information about our data safety standards you can find at our information on data safety (German) 

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