Customers’ FAQ


Is GPS as medium-sized company an adequate choice for me, as I represent a multicorporate enterprise?

Of course. GPS is a „hidden champion“, small, decent and smart. Also ISO-certified and audited by several international concerns. For GPS, the performance that reaches into the market, counts. Those who share these intentions, will be provided well by us.

GPS emphasizes its focus on the middle-class. How do I have to imagine that?

Middle-class means care-taking. Presence of guidance. Passion. Maximum Quality. In return, we expect our customers to be trustworthy. That decisions are made. That we are not squeezed like slice of lime with modern purchasing methods, like it is popular in other branches. All this together are the essences of successful cooperations. We call this middle-class, but these essences can also be found in multicorporate concerns.


As foreign pharma player I want to expant into Germany. How can GPS support me?

For a geographical expansion into Germany you have in principle three different options: buying a local player, founding your own company or the start with a consulting and service project with GPS, whose structure can be transformed into a subsidiary, if successful. In every case, let us discuss your possiblities and give advice. We possess long-term experience in forging bridge heads to Germany!

We are a startup company in the healthcare branche and want to show the proof of market. Can I even afford GPS?

Yes, of course. GPS possesses wide experience at the intersection between science and market. We provide insights und understatement of the respective market and the possibilities to project it. Also use GPS for financing concepts regarding market due diligence. In this phase, also alternative waging models are possible.

In my product portfolio I have some „treasures“, for which I currently dont have sales and marketing capacities. What does GPS offer?

The themes „established products“, „mature products“ and „stand-alone products“ are common. In the GPS Consulting, we work with techniques for simulating the promotional elasticity, e.g. using the delphi method. All communication channels are simulated. At the end, you have a clear statement about the promotional elasticity and the operative profit. In a positive case, we realize our recommendations with a service project.

Service Projects

In the frame of our current restructuring, we also aim for OTC and direct paying markets, because the terms of supply and demand still function here. How can GPS support me here?

GPS has operated within these markets for many years. Deciding parameters are the promotional elasticity of the respective market: How much profit is possibly with how much effort? The classic pharma field sales model often does not fit. Sales force efficacy is the term of the hour. For example in a cross media project with GPS. Prior to the field visit, different channels of communication are penetrated: postal mailing, personalised landing pages, emails, Telesales. The field force only visits the high potential targets. This is, how you succeed!

Which services does GPS offer? Can I choose single elements out of this portfolio?

We offer full-service. This includes profound consulting prior to the project, to elaborate the perfect approach. We combine Consulting, Field Sales Forces, Telesales, Cross media marketing and Coaching for your, when you require full service support. If you want to enrich your existant sales concepts with single services from GPS, this is of course also possible.

Can GPS provide whole sales teams with executives?

Yes. We provide whole sales force teams including regional managers and field managers as service projects in sales. Structure and size will be adjusted individually with you, adapted to your market and the challenges, that you want to master.

Is GPS a specialist for the pharma branch?

Yes. We join our knowledge in marketing, sales and services of the pharmaceutical industry together. Besides the Rx market for prescription drugs, we also serve the pharmacy market for OTC products. In addition, we build on our experience in various projects regarding diagnostics, med tech, bio tech and medical cosmetics.

Patient Services

For my market access strategy, I am looking for a partner in outcomes research and patient management. What can GPS offer?

GPS knows the healthcare landscape not only from the industrial sales perspective. Since 2010, we have cooperated with health insurances, establishing patient management and applying substanical methods of outcomes research. Use this expertise for you market access strategies!

For a product launch, drug compliance and prevention of side effects are key facors for success. We plan patient management. What does GPS offer?

GPS can provide qualified personnel and also lead the team in a service project, if requested. We use fix employees, as well as freelancers. In addition, you benefit from direct patient access and the various emerging opportunities.


As manufacturer of generics, we have recieved a commitment for tender, together with two other companies. I am looking for a pharmacy strategy, so that my product is the focus product. Which options do I have?

For this challenge, the classic sales strategy is too expensive. Here, we recommend marketing with GPS Telesales. We provide clear messages and optimize your target group. GPS Telesales is your path to success in pharmacies.

Strategic Temporary Employment

Is temporary employment in pharmaceutic sales outdated, due to the new legislatory regulations?

No. Only the framework is changing. For this topic, we consult you separately. Strategic temporary employment with GPS means „continuous sales force modelling“. We implement your profile requests, as well as the future requirements or regional aspects, like labor market or reimbursability. We shape your sales force in close cooperation with your sales and HR department. Strategic temporary employment with GPS secures your continuous sales for modeling with variable, instead of fix costs.

Employees in temporary employment have to be payed equally to the regular, own employees. How can GPS garantuee that?

GPS provides its customers with qualified sales representatives (pharma referents, medical product advisors, OTC sales reps). Equal Pay and equal treatment are standard at GPS. Here, we move within the waging frame of our customers.

Can I take over GPS' sales representatives?

Yes, a take-over is possible after the project.

Do you only serve the field sales?

Pharmaceutical sales contains far more then field sales for general physicians. Besides field service for specialised physicians or clinics, we also provide key account managers or networkers like medical liaison managers. We also possess a pool of experienced regional managers.

Vacancy management

I have separate unoccupied regions in my sales force. Why should I use GPS to occupy my vacancies and not another service provider?

At GPS you are not just a number – for us, every customer counts. Great results often come from paying the appropriate attention to little things. This is, how your vacancies are occupied with GPS. GPS is a recruiting machinery. Mondern methods, a huge candidate pool, efficacy and the love for the detail makes us equally attractive for both, customers and applicants. Of course we are not wizards, but the GPS methods enforce success. And this at variable, instead of fix costs.

How fast can you occupy vacancies?

We can occupy your vacancies very quickly. Our experienced recruiting team is the key factor for a successful occupation. Let us discuss your desired employee profile, then we give you a concrete statement!

How do we pay for your leasing sales representatives?

Only productive days, on which our employees are in service for you (field days, training days, meetings etc.) are charged.

Does GPS also provide a company car?

Yes, we provide a company car with modern equipment, also for private usage. Administration and handling is operated within our fleet management.

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